[ notes ehses ] creativity

Creativity – sum up from pinterest

Creativity thought.

Creative mind.

Creative soul.


Inspiration is contagious.


Invent different ways of working.


Creative cannot and should not be forced.

But we can nurture it.

Put it in the right conditions.

Let it grow faster.

A business who is constantly trying to nurture new ideas, will always stay young and fresh


Creative problem-solving often comes from restriction.

Try limiting the project.

You may see the benefits or the brain trying to come up with creative solutions.


Break the rules.

Go crazy.

There might be a hidden solution that can improve the overall workflow


Re-write / re-draw the problem.

Try another angle to find the solution.


Time to daydream.

Just allocate time.


Be open to new ideas.

Start thinking of it as rough ideas.


Creativity takes courage.


Escape your comfort zone.


Take a walk and take a deep breath when you get stuck.


Notes Ehses : ini isi notes hp gw sejak entah kapan, tentang segala hal random yang inspiring, yang gw suka.

Ditulisnya emang cuma intisarinya aja sih karna kebutuhannya emang disitu doang.

Dan tadinya mo disimpen sendiri aja, lama-lama pengen share juga ah ke anak-anak gw kelak.

Juga kali aja ada yang bisa terinspirasi dari notes ini.


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