[ notes ehses ] Being Happy

Notes Ehses : ini isi notes hp gw sejak entah kapan, tentang segala hal random yang inspiring, yang gw suka.

Ditulisnya emang cuma intisarinya aja sih karna kebutuhannya emang disitu doang.

Dan tadinya mo disimpen sendiri aja, lama-lama pengen share juga ah ke anak-anak gw kelak.

Juga kali aja ada yang bisa terinspirasi dari notes ini.


Being Happy

Life changes when we change


All change will be challenged. Particularly in the beginning. Be prepared.


Prosperity :

1. Decide to be prosperous and commit yourself to putting in the necessary effort

2. Save first and spend what is left. ( poor people do the opposite )

3. Observe wealthy people.

4. Ask for help.

5. Constantly re-affirm to yourself that you deserve to be prosperous.

6. Spoil yourself occasionally.

7. Make plans and ser goals

8. Continually stretch your belief system as to what is possible for you to achieve

9. Always carry some money

10. Don’t blame others

11. Attack every challenge with enthusiasim and commitment

12. Recognize that poverty is a mental disease



I decide to be happy on the journey, not just when we reach our destination. That’s why the key to happinness and contentment must be in focusing our minds on the present moment. All I have is NOW!


Blaming is an excuse to do nothing about reality, an excuse not to take action.


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